Hello, world!

I’m Nathaniel Heidemann and this is my website for my engineering class at Samohi. I like reading, photography, hiking, playing video games, and programming. In this class I hope to learn a lot through labs, lectures and presentations, and I hope to complete a cool capstone project. Feel free to sign the guestbook!

One of my specific interests in engineering is programming. I’ve been programming since I was 6. I started with the very simple language Scrach. It was excellent as an early introduction and taught me the basics well. I moved on to Java early in middle school, then to C around 7th grade. In the beginning of high school I learned Go, and I continue to use it and C to develop software to this day. I recently learned C++. (at some point I learned Python, but I forgot when and I don’t often use it)

Another interest I have in engineering is robotics. Similar to programming I was creating “machines” from a young age– starting with Lego technic pieces and moving on to actual robotics with Lego Mindstorms when I was older. In middle and high school I got to use Vex parts as part of their respective engineering curriculums.